Attracting Clients

Find Quality Sings for Your Security Company, Online

Running a security systems business is a thrilling and profitable way to help bolster people’s home protection and feel safe. Like all companies, to grow you need to draw in new customers. Here’s how.

Push Long-Term Packages

If you offer the opportunity well, selling lengthy contracts can be as simple as month-to-month deals. You benefit from steady revenue and your clients benefit from a program that has more time to mature and show results.

Maintain Product Value

Basically, don’t lower your prices to make a sale. In the long run, it is not an effective tactic. Challenge yourself to teach potential clients that your package is as valuable as the price suggests.

Quality Branding

This is standard with a security company. It’s one thing to have signs, decals, and labels; it’s another thing to have premiere signs, decals, and labels. If your brand is going to be on every lawn, make it one criminals and pedestrians won’t forget.

We, at DMJ Systems, can take your security company brand and efficiently present it on signs, decals, and labels, attracting a consistent stream of new customers in the meantime.

Visit our website or call (800)-927-8013 for more information!

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Fire Inspection & Security Tags



Why is it smart to order fire inspection & security tags, online?

Fire inspection tags, as well as security tags, are small. But considering the many measures they warrant, they are a very big part of many operations.

Equipment Expiration

Security tags can be used to distinguish when certain machinery either needs recalibration or replacement.  For example, fire extinguishers have tags that indicate when they are expired. This is so they can be sure to function when needed.

OSHA Compliant

The Occupational Safety and Hazard Association (OSHA) require indication tags for certain apparatus, specifically one’s that deal with hazardous material on a regular basis.


This pertains to fire extinguishers mostly, but other pieces are subject to regular inspection as well. During fire inspections, the Marshall will inspect the extinguishers to make sure they are updated. Institutions do not pass if they are expired.

You need security tags to conduct business, plain and simple. We, at DMJ Systems, cannot only provide them online, but we can get them customized as well.

Visit our website online and see if these, or any of our other security products can be of service to you.

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3 Ways to Help Expand Your Brand


  1. Create a logo – Having a logo for your brand allows customers to link your business to a symbol. Find an original and powerful logo that fits your company. This will give customers a face to the service you provide.
  2. Promotional items – Everyone loves free stuff, so having a few free items can only help you. Add your business name and logo to promotional items and make an impression on future customers.
  3. Build a web presence – If potential customers continue to see your business, they’ll eventually want to check it out. Make sure your business can be found anywhere by creating a website. has a large variety of promotional items that can help you build your brand. Visit their website and find out all the amazing things they have to offer.


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3 Ways to Promote Your Business Inventively


  1. Billboard: Would you like to get your business’s name out there in a big way? Commission a big board to promote your business for all to see.
  2. Sponsor an Event: A great way to get people learning about your business is to sponsor a fun event. Co-sponsor an event with another business to draw from a different demographic pool.
  3. Mugs: Nothing drills a company’s name into the minds of perspective clients quite like a branded gift. Print your company’s logo on a specialty mug to give potential clients as a fun promotional gift.


Would you like to commission some mugs to promote your business? DMJ Systems offers fabulous promotional materials, to help you promote your business in style

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3 Tips for Security Product Label Design


  1. Appropriate Information: Are you looking for an easy way to display supplemental information about your security system features for your client’s in their homes? Designing a label with appropriate information to place alongside your security system console is an easy solution.
  2. Font: When designing security product labels, legibility is key. Be sure to choose an easy-to-read font for quality communication.
  3. Phone Numbers: Add any relevant phone numbers onto your security product labels to give your clients additional accessibility to customer service representatives.

Does your security company need to design some product labels? DMJ Systems can help your company design valuable product labels to give your clients appropriate information, useful in any emergency.


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The Best Promotional Items to Promote your Business


  1. Pens – Hands down the most popular promotional tool out there! Pens are the best promotional tools, because people will always accept them. From that point on, they’ll have you business information on hand.
  2. Hats – Hats are good promotional item because they’re as functional as pens, but when someone wears it, everyone sees it. To make your hat more enticing, choose cool styles that people would want to wear.
  3. Coffee mugs – Everyone loves drinking coffee on the go, so a coffee mug is the perfect way to promote you brand. People will jump at the change to get a free coffee mug, all why showing off your business. does it all! Security systems, documents, and promotional items. Visit their site and let them handle all your business needs.

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